Cat Food & Treats

Shop online at the Pet Parcels massive range of cat food and treats, perfect for your mature cat or brand new kitten! We stock all your cat favourite treats, dry food, wet food and veterinary diet foods.

Furthermore, our cat treat and food range is perfect for cat breeds such as Persian cats, Maine Coon cats, Ragdoll cats, Siamese cats and many other cat breeds. In light of this, our cat food is available in different sizes to suit all different appetites.
Portion sizes can range from 85g all the way up to 20kg bags. Our popular food and treat brands include Absolute Holistic, Advance, Canidae, Ivory Coat and Hills.

In conclusion, the Pet Parcel also stocks all your cats favourite bowls and feeders available in different sizes and colours. Durable feeders and bowls are available from popular brand Catit, including products such as the Catit flower fountain and the catit multi feeder.

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