Veterinary Diet for Cats

We offer a range of Veterinary diet cat foods for cats with diagnosed health problems.
Our aim is to ensure cats with health conditions have access to adequate nutritions that tastes good. We have veterinary foods to benefit cats with many isssues. These include food allergies, intolerances, kidney conditions, gastrointestinal disorders and other health conditions.

Furthermore, our veterinary diet range offers weight management foods, digestive care foods and skin/food sensitivity foods.
These foods are from popular brand Hills, and include products such as Prescription cat Diet i/d, t/d, m/d, metabolic, z/d, c/d, w/d, k/d and many others.

Bags of Veterinary diet foods for cats are available in bags of 1.8kg, 1.5kg, 3.5kg, 2kg and many other portions.

In conclusion, we aim to provide all cats with a nutritional and healthy diet, regardless of any health problems or intolerances.

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