Flea, Tick & Worming Treatments

Protect your cats from those nose nasty flea, ticks and worms with the Pet Parcels range of flea, tick & cat worming treatments. Popular flea, tick and worm treatments at the Pet Parcel include Advantage, Advocate, Drontal and Frontline products.

Treatments such as Advocate – Flea and worm treatment are suitable for all cat breeds including breeds. Persian cats, Maine Coon cats, Ragdoll cats, Siamese cats and many other cat breeds. Furthermore, we recommend treatments for your cat based on their size. Therefore our recommendations is to read the label before purchasing to make sure your cat is given the right dosage.

In conclusion, the Pet Parcel stocks a range of flea, tick and Cat worming treatments to rid your cat of nasty parasites. Shop with confidence online at the Pet Parcel Australia with fast delivery, affordable prices and fantastic customer service.

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