Dog Flea & Worm Treatments

Dominate those nasty flea and ticks with the Pet Parcels diverse range of flea and worm treatments. Shop all our popular treatment brands including Sentinel, Nexguard, Bravecto and Advocate.
Flea & worm treatments also come in a variety of flavours, to make treating your dog easy and hassle free. In light of this, treatments can control and kill the 3 main nasty ticks found on dogs. These include bush ticks, brown dog ticks and paralysis ticks. Treatments are available with different servings from 3 pack to 6 pack sizes.

Furthermore, our tasty treatment products are available for all dog weight ranges. In conclusion, keeping your dog free of flea and worms is vital to their health and wellbeing. The Pet Parcel australia aims to make this easy, by providing affordable flea and worm treatments straight to your door.

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