Dog Odour & Stain Removers

Shop our diverse range of fast acting and effective odour & stain removers. Combat pet stains, odours and pheromones from household surfaces. Popular types of dog odour & stain removers include urine off, tear stain remover, odour remover and urine repellent.

All odour and stain remover products are safe for your pet, and leave your house smelling clean and fresh. Odour and stain removers can be used on pet bedding, blankets, clothes, shower curtains, carpets as well as other household areas. Odour & stain removers work by using formulas that contain penetrating enzymes and ingredients that remove marks such as urine.
They also contain an odour neutraliser that immediately activate to destroy odours on contact.

The Pet Parcel offers a great and affordable range of odour & stain removers, ready to keep your house clean and free of odours. All affordable and delivered straight to your door.

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