Dog Rocks & Waste Control

Affordable and delivered straight to your door! The Pet Parcel stocks a diverse range of dog rocks and waste control products to minimise the destruction pets can leave behind. The purpose of dog rocks is to reduce the yellow spots left on your lawn after your dog has been to the toilet. Dog rocks are a natural stone that magnetise your dogs drinking water and remove some of the impurities that leave your lawn yellow. Furthermore, the mining of the rocks is right here in Australia and are replaceable in the bowl every 2 months.
Keep your lawn fresh with affordable dog rocks from The Pet Parcel. Dog waste control can sometimes be a chore for dog owners. Nevertheless, the Pet Parcel thrives on minimising the waste that dogs may leave behind The Pet Parcel stocks a range of waste control products such as pooper scoopers, pick up and dog poop bags and poop bag dispensers.
Brands of waste control products include Kong and Pawise. Furthermore, poop bags are available in different pack sizes, such as poop bags in packs of 10 bags, 8 bags and 20 bags. Similarly, The Pet Parcel Australia also stocks puppy training pads, to make toilet training your dog easy. Use Puppy Training pads for dogs of all ages and breeds.
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