Reptile Heating & Lightling

Shop the Pet Parcels range of heating lamps and rocks perfect for your reptile! Available at affordable prices and fast delivery, the Pet Parcel stocks a fantastic range of heaters, thermometers and lights from popular reptile brand Exo Terra.

These include products such as the ceramic heat emitter available in 60w, 100w, 150w and 250w. Popular heat rock items include the Zoo Med Hot rock range, availability in a variety of sizes.

Other popular items include the heat glo infrared heat lamps, reptile UVBs, basking spot lamps and daylight lamps from Exo Terra. Furthermore, heaters and lights are available in lamps or single tubes, as well as different wattage.

In conclusion, the Pet Parcel stocks a fantastic range of heating and light accessories perfect for your reptile. Shop with confidence today at Australia’s fastest growing online pet store.

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