Terrarium Accessories

Shop online 24/7 with the Pet Parcel Australia’s massive range of reptile enclosure & terrarium accessories. Shop accessories such as backgrounds, hammocks, hides and plants, vines and reptile substrates.

Exo Terra backgrounds are available in different sizes ranging from 18×24 inch to 36×24 inch. Shop hammocks such as lizard-loungers from reptology. Choose awesome hideouts from Exo Terra such as skull, dinosaur eggs and cave hideouts.

Furthermore, the Pet Parcel stocks a fantastic range of plants and vines to make your enclosures glow and give your reptile the sense they would feel if they were in their natural habitat. Exo Terra plants and vines include the Jungle Vine Large, moss vine and many other leafy decorations.

In conclusion, the Pet Parcel is your one stop shop for all your enclosure accessories, ready to be delivered straight to your door.

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